Even at the beginning of the year, time flies. We’ve been hard at work establishing our community and working on rituals and routines. We know each others names, we’re building our read-to-self stamina and writing summaries for what we’ve been reading in class. The students have taken their Words Their Way inventory and about one-third have completed their Fountas & Pinnell assessment. All this information will be shared with families during conferences in October.

Our shared reading of Wonder by RJ Palacio captures the attention of every listener. The experiences of the protagonist at the beginning of his 5th grade year provide for many text-to-self connections for 203 readers. And while we explore the topic of empathy and creating our own legacies, thinking about WHO WE ARE is another common thread we’re sharing with the characters from this book.

In Social Studies we’re wrapping up Geography of the United States which include map skills. We launched the lesson with a viewing of an excerpt from Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. It tied in well with our thinking about who we are, and provided a lens for considering our place in space and how we think about our history. Next up we will think about Native Americans and Their Land.

Tuesday is our launch with Bridges! We are really looking forward to this unique experience and working with our visiting artist, Julie, from the Children’s Theatre.


About Nati

Mother of 2 amazing kids, lucky reading and social studies teacher of deep thinking 5th graders, travel enthusiast, student of life, reader of books, knitter, resident of The Pale Blue Dot.

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