Julie and I wrapped up assessments today and are excited to begin the real work of the school year; working with students to further develop the skills they possess, coaching them in metacognition and supporting them during this year on their own personal journey of becoming the people they are meant to be.

Conferences are right around the corner! Today, students were handed an orange rectangular slip with your scheduled time. We are looking forward to meeting with our students best and primary teachers, you! As we set goals during conferences, please be thinking of what you’d like to see your 5th grader working towards this year. Julie and I will share the data we’ve collected thus far and what we’ve noticed about your student. Let the collaboration begin!

This Wednesday, October 10th is Unity Day and students are encouraged to wear orange that day to show their commitment being unified against bullying. Wednesday also happens to be the birthday of August Pullman (Auggie) the protagonist in the book we’re currently reading titled, Wonder. Schools around the country are celebrating his birthday (10/10) by taking a pledge to Choose Kind. I’ve so far been unsuccessful in pulling up this site at school (due to some restrictions MSP has in place). You’ll find the pledge here .



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Mother of 2 amazing kids, lucky reading and social studies teacher of deep thinking 5th graders, travel enthusiast, student of life, reader of books, knitter, resident of The Pale Blue Dot.

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