We pledged to ‘Choose Kind’ today in class (still couldn’t get the website up, but I printed out a banner at home, which we all signed).
I also introduced NaNoWriMo to the students. NaNoWriMo is the short way of saying that every 5th grader in 203 is going to write a novel during the month of November! National Novel Writing Month takes place every November (I believe this is it’s 11th year). This is the first year Julie and I (and more importantly, the writing students) will be participating. You can find more information here.  We will need to get all the students registered on the YWP (Young Writers Program) NaNoWriMo website by November 1. Every student will also need to set their own word goal. For adults the goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month. Students should pick a word goal that is attainable for them (we’ll be breaking this number down into the number of words to be written daily). Of interest might be the word calculator that is on the website, which you’ll find here. Have your student type/write for a 10 minute period of time and it will count the number of words composed. It can help them decide what their word goal might be. (*update on word-count calculator; it only allows you to multiply the number of words composed by hourly increments, which is not recommended for us, so, take your 10 minute composition word-count, then multiply that number by 30 and you’ll have a suggestion for what could be accomplished during the month of November if you were to write for 10 minutes a day…adjust this formula to fit your needs).

More information to come!


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