The following was sent home Friday, October 26 in hardcopy:

We’re hard at work drafting out our thoughts on external and internal character traits for our main character. We’ve discussed themes we’ve identified from other novels such as survival, personal journeys, friendship, and family.  We’re banking adjectives to use to elevate our writing (moving from basic to developed and advanced). We are gearing up for a great month of writing!

Three homework assignments have already been collected; What Makes A Novel A Novel (was due Oct. 16) and Advertisement for your favorite novel (was due Oct. 22). Friday we collected the Main Character Worksheet.  November 1st the outline of the novel is due! 

If you haven’t already, log onto NaNoWriMo and get registered! Many students have yet to adjust the 30,000 word goal that automatically shows up when you sign up. Your word goal needs to be realistic. A goal between 1,000 and 6,000 words would probably be an achievable goal (depending of course on how much time you’ll have to devote to your writing EACH day of November).

*If you received a letter with an inordinate number of tardies for your child, disregard the letter. It was due to a mix-up with the new attendance system and will be corrected. Sorry for the worries and confusion!


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Mother of 2 amazing kids, lucky reading and social studies teacher of deep thinking 5th graders, travel enthusiast, student of life, reader of books, knitter, resident of The Pale Blue Dot.

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