From – “Lice aren’t dangerous and they don’t spread disease, but they are contagious and downright annoying.”
Marcy Open staff received an email today from our school nurse, Andrea Seebach. 
I’ve copied the most pertinent information to pass along to families/care givers;
This is taken from Hennepin County Epidemiology Update letter:
Hennepin County recommends that a child with head lice be
excluded from childcare, school, and activities until their first
head lice treatment is completed and no live lice are seen. Nits
are not considered live lice. While “head checks” in schools, or
mass screenings of classrooms or entire schools for head lice,
and “no nit” policies are used by some schools, they are not
recommended by the American Academy of Pediatricsor the
National Association of School Nursesand have not been
shown to be cost effective or a particularly useful prevention
strategy. Studies have shown that children with head lice are no
more infectious on the day of diagnosis than they had been prior
to the discovery of an infestation.10 This supports the practice
that students do not need to immediately be sent home when a
head lice infestation is noted. Rather the child’s parent/guardian
should be notified of the infestation and the child dismissed at the
end of the school day. The child should be advised to avoid
head-to-head contact with other students on the day of
A more practical and effective approach to head lice prevention
in schools is to provide informational materials to parents to
educate themselves and their children and to recommend that
parents periodically check their child’s head for lice.11,12
Andrea Seebach, Licensed School Nurse, Minneapolis Public Schools
      Anishinabe and Sullivan Schools, Mon, Wed, Thurs, 612-668-4990
      Marcy Open School, Tues and Friday, 612-668-1045

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