Today the students impressed us with their Peace Plays!  As the kids practice, it is hard to imagine the wonderful production that will evolve from the madness of creation involving 30+ ten-year-olds.  But they do it.  They pull it off.  Soft, timid voices during rehearsals are projected into the audience.  Restless bodies are brought under control as they “stay in character”.  Chatting off stage goes silent, allowing the audience to focus on classmates on stage.  They succeed, when it’s all on them, they do it.

Fifth graders are at the cusp of no longer being little kids and entering the tweens, just a step away from the teens.  They thrive on their growing independence and maturity.  It can be hard to let them go.  Today, they were released onto the stage in a very public expression of their independence.  Their ideas and words and actions in full view.  They took the trust, the opportunity, and made us all proud.  


About room203am

I teach the morning English/Language Arts class in room 203 at Marcy Open School.

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  1. lynnsax says:

    The students, teachers and staff at Marcy continue to amaze me. Thanks for all the hard work and patience that went into the Peace Plays.

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